Best Email Marketing Examples 2022

best email marketing examples 2022

When it comes to email marketing, there are many best practices that you can apply. Storytelling can improve engagement and conversion rates. For example, Blizzard knows how to tug at a subscriber’s heartstrings with its promotional email. This campaign incorporates a lot of images, but the copy is just as effective. Moreover, personalization plays an important role in this campaign. This example includes a personalized message for each subscriber, so they can feel more connected to the company.

In addition to the content itself, you can also incorporate interactive elements in your emails. Try adding an e-book, video, or quiz to your emails. Interactive content can increase your email’s click-to-open rate by 73%. It is also worth highlighting the use of social media sharing buttons in your emails. Listed below are some best email marketing examples that are relevant to your business. Here are a few examples to get you started:

The best email marketing examples 2022 will incorporate the latest innovations in functionality and design. Emails with interactive elements increase conversion rates by 2X and improve customer engagement. Scrollable content and animated CTAs are two common interactive elements that can boost your conversions and engage your customers. You should incorporate these features into your emails to maximize their benefits. So, start thinking about the future of email marketing and create an email campaign that’s sure to be successful!

Revolut uses email marketing to spread the word about its services. This email marketing example includes an awesome landing page that makes conversion a breeze. The subject line entices subscribers to read more and invite their friends. They even include a link that allows recipients to share the email with their friends. It’s that simple! When it comes to email marketing, there are so many best email marketing examples 2022 to choose from!

While 2020 was the year of 3D imagery, 2022 will be the year of the crisp newsletter design. While simple newsletter text is still relevant, brands will need to make it more interactive for consumers. Using graphics, optimized images, and web-safe fonts will help make the email more relevant to the user. Another exciting trend in email design is the introduction of programmatic native ads. These ads are integrated into the email content, and blend in with the CTA button.

In addition to a simple discount, email marketers should consider tease offers. It is not uncommon for consumers to ignore promotional emails, so it’s essential to pique their curiosity with a tease offer. Using images can help create a sense of urgency in subscribers. As an example, Brooklinen uses GIFs to make emails more entertaining and informative. The email copy also teases upcoming sale.

In addition to highlighting offers in email copy, email marketers should also consider the social impact of their campaigns. For instance, if an email campaign is effective, it should include a COVID-19 response. This response will help ensure that recipients are aware of social distancing concerns. In addition to providing information about the COVID-19 response, email campaigns should also be designed in a way that keeps design consistent.

Creating emails with striking visuals and engaging copywriting will boost conversion rates. When done right, email campaigns can revolutionize a marketing strategy. Not only will they drive traffic, but they will also boost sales. To ensure your campaign’s success, be sure to include a strong subject line that helps it stand out in a customer’s inbox. And don’t forget to include bespoke content and previews of products or services.

A good subject line is crucial when it comes to boosting email open rates. It should entice curiosity and build urgency. Moreover, the subject line should also reflect the message in a conversational tone. Use language and style that subscribers would use with their friends. If possible, use emojis. If possible, use a tone that is empathetic to the recipient’s needs. That way, he or she will be more likely to open and read the entire email.