Best Email Marketing Examples of 2022

best email marketing examples 2022

The best email marketing examples of 2022 are all based around storytelling and the power of images. Stories engage audiences and increase conversion rates. Here are some examples of emails that successfully pull at a subscriber’s heartstrings. For example, the Blizzard promo email is all about tugging at their heartstrings with compelling visuals. In addition to being visually appealing, the copy works in tandem with the images to create an effective campaign. Personalization plays a large role in this campaign as well.

In addition to good subject lines, the best emails contain interactive elements like videos and quizzes. Remember that the attention span of the average human is eight seconds. You want to make sure that your emails are worth their time. Interactive emails boost open rates by 73%, so make sure that you’re incorporating interactive elements to keep your subscribers engaged. Here are some examples of email templates that can help you increase your open and click-through rates.

Everlane is one of the best email marketing examples of 2022. They highlight their lifestyle by incorporating gifs that illustrate how a product fits into a person’s lifestyle. Regardless of your product or brand, make sure you’re using engaging content that’s fun to read and easy to use. You can even copy their email template and use it for your own campaigns. This way, your customers won’t be tempted to skip over it.

The best email marketing examples 2022 use visual elements, benefits and CTAs to get customers to buy. The header image of the email features a picture of a product that was abandoned, which serves as a gentle reminder. This email also features a no-pressure “Check it out” button, which allows recipients to make a purchase without pressure. A brand that makes the customer feel excited about the product itself can rub off on its customers. A similar approach is taken by Brightland, an oil and vinegar brand based in California.

One of the most common examples of email marketing is a fan club’s website. Wendy’s uses their email list to increase app engagement. They send out an email to their subscriber list asking them to download their app. Then, they scan an icon on their order to earn a free hamburger. This email is a prime example of double opt-in, which is a great way to protect your email deliverability and ensure sender reputation.

Order confirmation emails are essential transactional emails. Audible uses a simple email for this purpose. It lists the items purchased. It also includes a brief summary of the order. It doesn’t have any eye-catching visuals, but uses an image of the product to show customers what they bought. It also avoids unnecessary complication. It’s the most common type of email, and the best email marketing examples 2022 demonstrate that it’s never too late to upgrade.

Interactivity is the next big thing in email marketing. Until now, the average email was simply text-based. In 2022, however, people will be increasingly glued to their mobile devices. Brands should capitalize on these differences to increase customer engagement and conversion. And remember that while minimalism is counterintuitive to interactive emails, this trend is a must-do for all brands. A statista report shows that 54.8% of all global internet traffic is now accessed through mobile devices. In addition, almost 70% of people use their mobile devices to perform research on products. As a result, marketers have worked to make their content flow nicely across different formats and see a big impact.

When creating an email marketing campaign in 2022, keep in mind that your recipients’ inboxes will be increasingly crowded. New regulations and competition for email space will make it a difficult year for email marketing. Ensure your email is read by the right people. And remember to track your email deliverability. Emails that are delivered to all recipients will get better results than those that don’t. If you’re not using the right email marketing techniques, you’ll fail to reach your target audience.

Competition drives innovation. Email marketing is the most cost-effective and effective digital marketing strategy. Here are some of the top trends for email marketing in 2022: