Best Email Marketing Examples of 2022

best email marketing examples 2022

Some of the best email marketing examples of 2022 are focused on increasing engagement and user experience. Interactive emails, for example, are becoming increasingly popular and can increase conversion rates. Make sure to include an interactive element in your multi-page templates, such as an interactive banner or animation. These elements will make your email more engaging to the reader and encourage them to visit your website. For example, if you sell a product, an interactive banner will encourage them to check out your website.

Using storytelling in email marketing is a proven way to increase engagement and conversion rates. Consider the example of the brand Blizzard. This company knows how to tug at the hearts of their subscribers. Its promotional email combines visuals with text and fits its audience. Personalization also plays an important role in this campaign. While the visuals and copy work in tandem, the CTA button should be easy to access. It’s easy to forget that visuals don’t have to be complicated to make an email appealing.

Another email example is an Amazon campaign. It suggests customers buy additional items for the entire collection. It also includes a “Customers who bought this item also bought…” section. Similarly, universities aren’t left out of these examples. Durham University promotes a virtual alumni day on Zoom and offers additional details for participants. These email examples highlight the importance of personalization in email marketing and how it can help businesses improve their bottom line.

In addition to personalization, customer appreciation emails should be part of the customer life cycle. While these emails are usually sent to devoted fans, they also have an important role in retaining customers. Retaining existing clients is a crucial part of ensuring the success of any venture, but the importance of putting your clients first cannot be overstated. This will help you create the right brand image. Once you have the right image and brand strategy, it will be easy to create effective email marketing campaigns.

As with any kind of marketing, email delivery is an important factor to success. Deliverability refers to the number of contacts who open and read your emails. Whether you send email marketing campaigns to small businesses or large organizations, you must keep these metrics in mind to increase email open rates and deliverability. When creating an email campaign, keep in mind your target audience, the metrics you want to measure, and dedicate yourself to continuous improvement.