Email Marketing Examples

email marketing examples

Looking for email marketing examples? These companies know how to make their emails stand out. Airbnb, for example, sends out beautifully designed emails with a clear call to action. Starbucks, meanwhile, is clever in using Valentine’s Day as a reason to send out an email, and their copy and design work well together. Similarly, Airbnb leverages Valentine’s Day to its advantage, while Headspace uses cute pictures to inspire meditation.

Sponsored emails require a major marketing effort, tight control and an understanding of data. Even a small marketing team may find it challenging to pull off such a project. For example, a CPG brand that restocks popular items may struggle to pull this off. However, a startup can learn from these examples and implement them into their own email marketing campaign. If you have a large marketing team, consider sponsoring an email to maximize your return on investment.

By using email lists, you can increase customer engagement on your website and in your store. Wendy’s uses an email list to increase app engagement. Subscribers must download the app and scan an icon on their order to be entered to win free food. The competition is fierce and they’re offering free food in return for a high engagement rate. In addition to free food, businesses can reach goals with email marketing. If you’d like to learn more about email marketing, try these email marketing examples.

When creating email campaigns, use an inverted pyramid model for your content to increase click-through rates. Bold lettering draws attention to the content that’s most important to your subscribers. Red CTA buttons make your offer irresistible. Moreover, make sure your emails address the pain points of your subscribers. They should be actionable and clear. Emails that follow these rules will inspire customers to take action and buy. For further inspiration, check out Bonafide’s email marketing examples.

Email marketing campaigns can be very effective when they focus on one element. Focus on one element and focus on it, like design and copy. Once you’ve mastered one element, you can then move onto the next. For instance, a business may choose to test out different emails on a daily basis to see which one performs the best. If the email campaigns aren’t working, consider focusing on one or two elements of the campaign.

Education emails educate customers on the benefits of having more than one pair of shoes. Educating customers about common health questions also makes a great way to establish trust. In fact, 95% of consumers read reviews before buying a product. So, make sure to send educational emails to your customers to address their concerns and answer their questions. They’ll also feel more confident about making a purchase from you. If you want to reach more customers, you must start with education.

Consider segmenting your list. Emails that target new leads are going to be different from those aimed at loyal customers. This will increase your open rate and click-through rate. For example, a campaign that offers 10% off a $100 gift certificate may be more effective than a similar email targeting a loyal customer. Your customer’s buying cycle is not the same for every email subscriber. Make it easy for them to complete the action they’re intended to take.

When creating an email marketing campaign, try to think about the customer journey. What are the best times to communicate with them? This exercise will reveal how to improve communication and deliver value. Map out how your subscribers would react to different communications. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn from email marketing examples. Take note: email marketing examples are an effective and inexpensive way to build a relationship with your audience. This way, you can use the emails to your advantage.

For example, Uber sends an email newsletter that is incredibly simple and tasteful, yet powerful. It highlights key phrases and keeps the captions short and to the point. Uber also uses visual branding aesthetics, including consistent geometric designs, color palettes, and fonts. These factors make the emails memorable for their customers, and will help you build a relationship with them. If you want to send your subscribers email newsletters that will make your customers feel special, make sure you read these email marketing examples carefully.