Email Marketing Examples

email marketing examples

While there are many examples of email campaigns, you should remember that email marketing is a highly competitive channel. You will get the highest open rate if you send two emails a month. However, you can send one-off emails occasionally if the occasion calls for it. Your ROI will be higher if you focus on quality over quantity. Emails are more engaging to read if they contain a clear call-to-action. UncommonGoods shows us how to create an email that engages customers and is highly informative.

Another email marketing example is a campaign for a hipster ecommerce brand. This campaign for pink dolphins won’t work for all brands, but it will show you what’s possible with an out-of-the-box design. Organic chocolates brand Sjaak uses an inverted pyramid structure. This method of email content organization can work for many brands. The email design also has a call to action that includes an alternative to sign up for a weekly newsletter.

When sending emails to your list, you should remember that not all subscribers are in the same stage of the customer buying cycle. To increase your open and click-through rates, segment your list. A new lead email should be different from one aimed at a loyal customer. For example, a new user may not know about RunKeeper’s updates, but he or she will appreciate an email that highlights those changes. You can even include a limited-time coupon in this email to encourage people to sign up for the service.

When sending emails to customers, you should remember to keep in mind that your audience is busy and may not have time to read them completely. If you want to get your email opened by busy people, make sure it is easy to skim through. They can always read individual parts in detail later. If your email is too long or hard to digest, people will most likely move on to the next email. So keep your emails short and simple to read!

Another great example of email marketing for online retail is the Four Seasons’ email. This email, sent to subscribers, puts the product at the center of the campaign. It also offers a 10% discount. It is imperative to offer discounts and free shipping to entice subscribers to buy the products. For example, the Four Seasons uses social proof and personalization to increase open rates. These are all proven ways to make your email campaigns more effective.

FAQ emails are great for education. These emails help customers learn about the benefits of owning more than one pair of shoes. They also educate their customers on common questions related to pregnancy. Educating customers is a great way to establish trust with your customers. 95% of customers read product reviews before making a purchase. This shows that email marketing is an effective channel for customer education. In addition to product reviews, you should also create a blog to share customer-generated content.

Cart abandonment emails are particularly effective when they contain a clear call-to-action and compelling copy. For example, Growlerwerks’ cart abandonment email includes a prominent “Finish Order” button, compelling copy on the benefits of purchasing the product, and a hero shot of the product in action. Using a time-sensitive offer in your email is another good strategy for promotional email campaigns. For instance, if you sell a physical product, you may have to wait a few days for your product to arrive. For this, you can send a post-purchase email with updates on the order status, contact details for customer support, and even special promos.

As you develop your next campaign, use email marketing examples to get inspired and get started. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Email has proven its worth in the last decade, but many marketers still fail to update their strategies. By using email examples, you can learn what works and what doesn’t. A great company evolves and changes frequently – you should too! Consider the following examples if you’d like to improve your next campaign.

For the best results, email subject lines and spacing are essential. Ensure that you’re breaking up text with relevant keywords and subject lines, and consider the buying journey of your audience. If you’re targeting a segment of subscribers who are just getting started, you wouldn’t want to send them emails that are full of promotional information. This will increase your open rate. So, remember to use subject lines that make your content more appealing to your audience.