Email Marketing Examples – How Email Stories Can Increase Conversion Rates

email marketing examples

To increase your engagement and conversion rates, use email stories. Brands like Blizzard have mastered the art of tugging at the heartstrings of their subscribers. The visuals and copy used in their promo email fit the brand’s style and target audience. Personalization also plays a huge role. By using visuals and copy to drive your point home, you can create a campaign that converts. Here are some email marketing examples that illustrate the importance of storytelling in your emails.

When choosing the best email templates, keep in mind that a personalized approach is the most effective way to connect with your customers. Use data to develop buyer personas and create several different variations of the same email. For example, you can define different types of emails to send to each persona and set specific frequency levels. Another way to collect email addresses is to include a sign-up form on your website. Consider offering a discount to sign-ups.

One popular email design trend is to include a “hero image” at the top of the email. This is an excellent way to grab the reader’s attention and persuade them to buy from you. Another email marketing example uses a testimonial to show a problem and offer a solution. A customer’s personal experience will inspire them to buy. If you want to get more creative with your email copy, try incorporating a case study.

Another email marketing example that is great for visual brands is Threadless. This clothing brand starts the email with striking imagery that entices readers to click the CTA button and make a purchase. Then, the email follows up with a compelling value proposition and a CTA button. You can also see a picture of a prized product on a person’s body in the first section to create a sense of urgency.

While these email marketing examples will help you create the most effective campaigns, you should remember to consider the audience buying journey and the purpose of each email. Consider the purchasing journey of your target audience when creating your email. If you are targeting a segment of subscribers who are in the awareness stage, you would not want to promote a product that is too hard to buy. So it is crucial to create an email that will appeal to their interests. And remember, personalization and social proof will boost your conversion rates.

Email marketing examples will give you inspiration for your next campaign. The average attention span of a human being has decreased to 8 seconds, which is significantly lower than that of a Goldfish. This means that your emails must be top-notch. If your customers aren’t interested, they won’t even open them. So don’t be afraid to test your copy and design and see which ones perform better than others. You will soon see a massive difference and get your business off the ground.

Another email marketing example involves a welcome message. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it should thank subscribers for signing up to your list. Include a link to your website in the welcome message and don’t overdo it with calls to action. This is just another way to show your customers that you value their loyalty and trust. So, make sure you take these email marketing examples into consideration. It might just help you gain new subscribers.

Automated emails can also increase the impact of your email campaign. Consider using automation to send out automatic emails to subscribers. For example, a hyper-growth company might automate the sending of email switches after they’ve made their third installment in a row. A good email switch email will highlight the benefits of switching to a different company and make it easy for customers to do so. It also helps to build a relationship with your subscribers and ensure that your emails are relevant to their needs.

The Schoolhouse email, for example, makes an appeal to customers by promising them a 10% discount if they subscribe to their newsletter. The email also focuses on the home from the outside. By focusing on lifestyle rather than product, this email builds brand loyalty and encourages repeat purchases. Similarly, it features a 100% guarantee of customer satisfaction at the bottom. And the copy in the footer is consistently aligned with the brand’s tone and personality.

Dropbox sent an email to its subscribers asking them to come back to their website. It used emoticons, whimsical cartoons, and a call to action. The email was not long, which enabled Dropbox to reach the recipient without interrupting their lives. The company was still able to remind customers that they’ve already purchased from them, but they also included a special coupon to encourage them to buy their products. These email marketing examples showcase the benefits of email campaigns.