Is the Live Chat Job Legit?

Is the live chat job legit

A live chat job allows you to work from home and is great for those who don’t like the typical 9-5 grind. The benefits include communication with superiors and co-workers. However, the only downfall of this job is that turnover is extremely high. This is not due to the lack of work, but rather because many people cannot stand interacting with customers and are often disciplined or fired for doing so.


As a live chat customer support representative, you will answer incoming sales and customer support questions. These inquiries often involve questions about shipping rates, discounts, return policies, and what types of items are in stock. You should be able to communicate clearly and work as part of a team. You should also have strong computer skills, be well organized, and be able to de-escalate customer issues. Most employers prefer to hire candidates with previous experience in customer service.

Computer skills are essential in live chat support jobs. You must be fast and accurate when typing. You should also have a good sense of timing. A good live chat agent is capable of multitasking and assessing the situation. In addition, you should be able to utilize templates and shortcuts to keep everything organized.

A high school diploma or GED certificate is necessary for some positions. However, many employers prefer candidates with experience in customer service, or with specific vendor certification. With years of experience, you can move up to more senior positions. You must also have proficiency in live chat computer programs. Lastly, you should have excellent listening and typing skills, which will help you handle a wide variety of problems.

Live chat support is a fast-paced environment. Customers want their problems resolved as quickly as possible. Because of this, it’s important to be able to multitask with a high volume of conversations. A good agent will be able to manage many conversations at once and provide the best support to their customers. As a result, chat support agents need to be able to handle the high volume.


If you want to earn extra cash from your home, you can consider becoming a live chat assistant. This job involves answering customer queries and dealing with complaints. Many businesses now offer this service on their websites and social media accounts. In order to earn money from this online job, you need to have a computer with chat functions and be available at least five hours a week. You should also have a reliable internet connection.

This online chat job requires a good typing speed and at least 30 words per minute. It is best if you have at least one year of customer service experience. You can earn $12 to $20 an hour with this position. Working part-time is not recommended, but it is possible if you are willing to work a full-time schedule. The amount of work required is directly proportional to the number of customers and volume of chats.

TeleTech provides excellent customer support and after-sales assistance. It offers a variety of online chat jobs that can be completed from home. While you will be required to take frequent phone calls, the majority of your work will be focused on providing customer support through chat. TeleTech offers two main paid online chat job positions: a freelance customer support agent role, or a supervisory position with a minimum of 20 hours per week.

The average annual salary for a live chat agent is $24,000. Top earners can make up to $38,500 a year.


Live chat is an increasingly popular way for companies to provide customer support. Many major consumer goods and service companies have made it a part of their customer service offering. With more people choosing to shop online, this is an industry that is only likely to grow in the future. In addition to boosting sales, live chat also improves the customer experience and builds long-term relationships.

Live chat is less expensive than telephone support because a single agent can handle many chats at once. In addition, live chat can be automated with chatbot technology that can scan a customer’s message and submit an automatic response. As a result, businesses can reduce their cost of customer service while increasing their ROI.

Live chat also offers the opportunity to help management uncover customer problems and solve them. In addition to online help articles and knowledge bases, live chat is a powerful tool for solving problems. If an organization has lots of documents online, live chat agents can “push” links to those documents so that users can access the correct content.

Live chat agents need to be fast and accurate, have a keen ear for customers’ queries, and be able to multitask. Moreover, they must be able to respond to different types of queries and issues. They must also be able to keep track of their resources. The best live chat agents must also be good computer users, able to type quickly and accurately.

Live chat agents can also use analytics tools to understand their customers’ needs and preferences. Most live chat tools include web analytics features and integrations, which can help businesses identify patterns and understand which questions are most frequently asked.

At-home positions

As more companies outsource their customer support needs, live chat jobs with at-home positions are becoming more common. These positions include answering questions, handling billing queries, social media support, and upselling. These work-at-home positions usually require a background in customer service and accurate typing. They also usually require a home computer and an internet connection.

Live chat jobs with at-home positions are available at a variety of companies. For example, Apple’s Jobs at Home requires applicants to have at least two years of tech troubleshooting experience, good people skills, and a 2.7 GPA. All applicants are subjected to a criminal background check. Live chat jobs with at-home positions are also available from companies such as Facebook Messenger.

Live chat jobs with at-home positions are also available through Amazon. You can choose between working from home or a traditional office setting. These positions require full training and flexibility in your schedule. You can set your own hours, but you should make sure you can work at least 10 hours per week.

Chat Agents can make between $8-$15 an hour. LiveWorld is also looking for social media agents who have excellent typing and communication skills. You’ll need a PC or laptop with a high-speed Internet connection, and you’ll need a quiet workspace. Some chat shops have several positions available remotely, so you can work around your existing schedule.

Work from home

Live chat jobs can be a great way to work from home. These jobs require a lot of flexibility but can also be lucrative. While some positions require more sales calls, others require fewer sales calls. The amount of work required and the amount of time you work will vary depending on the company you are working with. A high-speed Internet connection is a must for this type of job. In addition, you’ll need a quiet and peaceful place to work.

Many companies also need live chat assistants to answer questions from customers. These workers must have good typing skills and an excellent internet connection. A typical live chat assistant will make about $25 an hour or more. Depending on the company, they can make up to $35 per hour. For this position, you should have a computer with chat functions and at least five hours of availability per day.

The live chat job can be challenging, but you can make up to $30 per hour working from home. Many companies offer live chat services on their websites, social media platforms, and apps. If you’re looking for a way to work from home, a live chat customer support job is a great option.

As a live chat assistant, you’ll be required to respond to live chat messages posted on a business’ website or social media account. You’ll help customers with questions, help them buy products, and offer discounts and sales. This job requires reliable internet connections and a computer with a microphone. To get started, you’ll need a computer with a high-speed internet connection and a quiet workspace.

Those who are interested in working from home can consider applying for a virtual customer support position with Sutherland Global. This company represents businesses that need virtual customer support agents. There are various part-time positions available at this company, starting at $10 per hour. The entry-level positions usually last around two hours a day, five days a week.