Yelp Launches Guest Manager to Streamline Restaurants

The Yelp Guest Manager is a single space where front-of-house products and features are managed. The app integrates reservations, table management, takeout, and waitlist features, and enables restaurant owners to build a brand online. All restaurants have access to the Yelp Guest Management features, even new ones, as well as small business owners and novices.

Integration of reservations, POS integration and takeout. Curbside pickup is also possible. Table management

Yelp Guest Manager’s key features include integrated reservations and waitlists. This allows restaurants to track their orders and manage their tables through the app. These provide details, as well as live updates regarding the status and order. Yelp Guest Manager also allows restaurants to keep track of their table and takeout orders, and notifies customers through text messages when they’re running behind.

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Sprout Social allows you to create personalized and highly personalized customer experiences across various channels. Send outbound messages that include ads and transactional receipts to customers, for instance. With its bi-directional integration with Zendesk, you can see all previous and open communications between you and customers, and prioritize your messages accordingly. Sprout Social helps you create branded ordering experiences through multiple channels. This allows your teams to share the most valuable content with customers.


Yelp offers more tools for businesses to remain competitive in the face the current labor shortage. Yelp Guest Manager integrates new features and streamlines restaurant operations, from reservations and waitlists to table management and off-premises order tracking. It can even send text messages to your guests letting them know they’re on their way to pickup their food. Yelp’s solution has so many features that it should be able to help restaurants attract and improve efficiency.

Sprout Social

Many restaurateurs find it frustrating to have so many front-of-house solutions. Yelp’s new Guest manager unites all the top front-of house solutions (table management, reservation and kiosk systems) into one platform. Other features include integration with Olo and Punchh, text messaging and roadside pickup. These are just a few of the many interesting features in Yelp’s Guest Manager.


Yelp’s Guest Manager platform combines front-of-house software with customer engagement tools. It helps restaurants streamline their operations and manage orders. It is a central platform that integrates front-of–house software such as table management, reservation and waitlist management, point of sale integration, off-premises order tracking, self-check in tools, and on-premises ordering.


A new service from Yelp can help restaurants automate and customize loyalty programs. Restaurants can use the Guest Manager to track deliveries and pick up orders at curbside. They can even send notifications via text message to customers when the order is available for pick-up. The service will also allow restaurants to better manage their capacity by tracking customer data, such as the number of customers and food orders placed. Restaurants can use the service to customize their loyalty programs by leveraging consumer data.


Integrating Yelp’s guest-management platform into your restaurant software is an important step in ensuring a great guest experience. Yelp has recently introduced its Guest Manager. This integrates a variety of front-of house tools, creating a seamless customer experience. They include waitlist management, reservation management, table managements, point-ofsale integrations and self-check in tools. The Yelp guest manager is designed to assist restaurants in building a stronger brand, streamlining delivery processes, and communicating directly with customers.


Yelp’s latest front-of house software is designed to make restaurant operations easier by giving you one place to manage all aspects of your front-ofhouse features. With the integration of a number third-party apps, the Guest Manager will give restaurants a full solution. It allows them to handle a rising labor shortage as well as improve their customer service.