Best Email Marketing Software in Pakistan

Best Email Marketing Software in Pakistan

While email marketing has always been a traditional form of advertising online, there is a professional aspect to it that has made it an increasingly lucrative niche. It is crucial to select the right software to make sure your emails are delivered to their intended recipients. Even though email sending software was once an inexpensive solution, the industry has matured and the needs of its users have become increasingly sophisticated. As a result, not all software companies are familiar with the new requirements of mass email sending. In addition, most emails sent by other companies land in the junk email folder rather than reaching their intended recipients.


Moosend is a cloud-based email marketing platform with a drag-and-drop campaign editor and marketing automation tools. You can create responsive newsletters and automated workflows and sync data to measure campaign performance. The platform also offers segmentation capabilities to help you target your emails to the right demographic.


ActiveCampaign is a great email marketing software that helps marketers send email campaigns to their subscribers. Its user interface is easy to use and includes helpful hints for creating appealing emails. It also offers analytics reports that make it easy to analyze the performance of your email campaigns. The software also has a live chat feature for help. ActiveCampaign’s support team is available around the clock and offers free help and support to its users.


GetResponse was founded in 2008 by Simon Grabowski and has since grown into a worldwide company serving over 350,000 paying customers from over 182 countries. It boasts over 1 billion monthly subscribers and includes unique features like a landing page creator. It also offers live webinars. Its support is responsive and helpful. It also has a well-developed help center that includes guides for newbies.


ConvertKit is an email marketing software that is ideal for small-sized businesses. It has many integrations and allows for easy team collaboration. It also has the ability to automate your emails. The downside to this software is its high cost – it used to cost $1,999 for a coaching package. However, it is now only $104 a month for a plan with up to 1,500 subscribers.


iContact’s user-friendly interface allows for ease of use and is complemented with various useful tools. The software features drag-and-drop editing blocks and 600+ email templates, grouped into various categories. You can create a custom template or opt for a pre-defined one. There are several options for HTML customization and a handy Message Coder tool that enables you to modify the message based on the actions of the recipient.


MailChimp has a number of excellent features, including an appointment booking feature, service listing page, and online payment options. It is also easy to use, with a drag and drop editor and a cheat sheet to guide you. You can also add merge tags to your content, and use modern looking, responsive templates. However, the free plan only includes basic email templates.


ToutApp allows you to track the entire lifecycle of your email marketing campaign. This includes whether your prospects open attachments or reply to your emails. Tracking the behavior of your prospects is essential for communicating effectively with them. The Live Feed feature lets you see how your emails are performing and which types of emails are attracting the most engagement.


If you’re looking to improve your email marketing, Rejoiner can help. It offers a wide variety of tools, hands-on consulting, and automation solutions that will increase conversion rates and help you reach your revenue goals. In addition, Rejoiner allows you to conduct A/B tests on individual email templates and entire workflows.