Physician Email Lists

physician email list

Using a physician email list for marketing purposes is a great way to target the influential medical community. These professionals can help you achieve your marketing goals in a cost-effective manner. These lists are easy to download and integrate into your CRM within minutes. Furthermore, you won’t waste your time on non-qualified leads.

Optin Contacts

Optin Contacts physician email list is a comprehensive and well-maintained database of physicians and other healthcare professionals. The database includes over 1.2 million verified records of physicians around the world. The list is a valuable resource when it comes to building and executing healthcare campaigns. It’s a proven way to reach out to physicians, especially the ones who have authority in their fields.

This list is especially valuable for companies that are looking to market to physicians, who make the final buying decisions in healthcare. It contains contact information of over 300,000 physicians in the US. As physicians are often the primary decision makers for healthcare products and devices, reaching them with an email marketing campaign can be incredibly useful. The doctor email list is highly selectable and covers most specialisms, making it easy to reach physicians who will likely be interested in your product or service.

Redi Data

The Redi Data physician email list enables health-related companies to target consumers with targeted email marketing messages. The database contains detailed information on individual physicians, including their mailing addresses and CPT and ICD-9 codes. The database also includes data on pharmacists and other healthcare providers. It is one of the most comprehensive lists on the market.

Redi-Data’s physician email list includes more than ten million healthcare practitioners. These professionals are involved in all aspects of patient care. The database features over 85% accuracy across practitioners’ email addresses. The list includes US and UK physicians. Additionally, it includes information on job titles, specialty, and geographic location.


The IQVIA physician email list is a comprehensive database of medical professionals. It contains emails and NPI numbers for over 242 specialties. It also contains information on healthcare organizations and the healthcare industry as a whole, enabling you to target the right medical professionals with your marketing campaigns.

IQVIA’s comprehensive database includes data from various sources, including the National Prescription Audit (NPA), which is an industry-standard source of national prescription activity. It includes new and refilled prescriptions across four distinct channels. The data is cleansed and enriched with business logic and integrated with payer information.


If you are planning to use email marketing to promote your medical practices, you should consider buying a Physician Email List from AverickMedia. These lists contain accurate contact information and can be customized according to geography, title, SIC code, and role descriptors. This way, you will know that your message will reach the right audience. This can help you improve your response rate and business conversions.

AverickMedia has a physician email list that contains more than 80% of the physicians’ data in the United States. It also includes their phone numbers and website addresses. It is a comprehensive list of doctors who practice in the USA, the UK, and Canada.


Physician email lists are essential for businesses that sell healthcare products or services. They can help you reach a large number of doctors with a direct marketing campaign. Physician mailing lists should include the names and delivery addresses of your target physicians and help you push the sales funnel forward. Compiling a physician mailing list can be a challenging task, requiring you to sort through information from multiple sources. Some companies even hire full-time staff to do it.

The first thing you should look for in a physician email list is accuracy. The higher the deliverability ratio, the more likely you will receive a response. A physician email list that is accurate and up-to-date will increase the chances of a successful conversion.