How to Find Doctors Email Lists

doctors email lists

If you want to contact doctors, you can find an email list of physicians in a couple of different ways. Blue Mail Media is a provider of physician email lists and mailing lists. The company’s lists are comprehensive and are regularly updated, making them a great resource for sending marketing emails. In addition, they’re highly targeted, which is an excellent way to increase your chances of getting your message through to your target market.


When it comes to finding doctors’ email lists, you can be sure to find a reputable service that uses Endpoint, a trusted network for healthcare professionals. The Endpoint network provides a secure and cost-effective way for physicians to communicate with each other. The service is recommended by nationally recognized organizations and experts.

The American College of Physicians’ position paper highlights the need for organizations to reduce administrative burden and enhance physician productivity. The paper focuses on three different administrative burdens: billing, EHRs, and regulatory requirements. The article also highlights how these burdens relate to physician emails. For example, unnecessary emails can cost physicians a lot of time. This can affect their career satisfaction and negatively impact their practices’ financial performance.

When using an email list of physicians, it is important to check that the information is accurate. This can be a difficult task without the right database support. A healthcare email list from a reliable source will ensure that the right message is delivered to the right doctor. A good list will contain up-to-date contact details, as well as email addresses.


IQVIA is the largest provider of validated healthcare emails. Its database includes more than nine million physicians, 709,000 healthcare organizations and 2.4 million healthcare email addresses. This database can be used for email campaigns, mailing lists, influencer programs and more. Its database is continuously updated, enhanced and verified from a variety of sources, including primary research, transactional data, and trusted government and industry sources. Its comprehensive database of medical professionals includes email addresses, postal addresses, and NPI numbers.

IQVIA physicians email lists provide the most detailed data available, and are used by leading pharmaceutical companies and healthcare brands to increase their reach. This data is derived from the National Prescription Audit, an industry standard source for national prescription activity. It measures the demand for prescription drugs across four distinct channels. It also collects data from pharmacies, including new prescriptions and refilled prescriptions, and provides data by month and week. It also offers custom analysis for companies interested in targeting doctors in specific areas.

IQVIA is a global company that provides advanced analytics, technology solutions, and contract research services. Its mission is to improve healthcare by applying data science. Their innovative research tools and services help accelerate improvements in healthcare outcomes. They maintain one of the largest healthcare data networks in the world, encompassing more than one million data sources.


For marketers looking to reach out to medical professionals, physician email lists are a good way to start. These lists are verified and contain only the correct information about physicians. These lists are also free of duplicate and outdated information. They provide relevant details, including the physician’s name, specialty, years of experience, and license information. Other important details include the physician’s phone number, email address, and hospital affiliation. DMDatabases’ physician email list is ideal for targeting targeted medical professionals with sales pitches.

DMDatabases has been compiling medical doctor databases for over 30 years. This company aggregates data from various sources, including medical directories, phone surveys, and state licensing boards. The result is a list with relevant contact data for more than one million physicians. This list is highly targeted and can be used for direct mail campaigns as well as email campaigns.

DMDatabases for doctors email lists contain email addresses of physicians from different specialties. The lists are updated monthly. Users can use a sample to ensure that the list contains accurate data.


The doctors email lists provided by IQVIA include data from over 242 specialties and include physician email addresses. These lists can be used to build highly targeted campaigns. These lists also include NPI numbers and data from hospitals and health systems. The doctors email lists can also be used to reach medical office managers.

This database is comprehensive and includes the email addresses of over ninety percent of physicians. It also includes information about healthcare systems, industry verticals, and payers. The database is updated on a daily basis. IQVIA’s doctors email lists can be used for marketing campaigns, recruiting physicians, and organizing events. The data is accurate and easy to use. It is also customizable based on geography, job titles, and SIC codes.

IQVIA is one of the largest healthcare information companies in the world. Its data platform contains more than 1.2 billion longitudinal patient records. It has both structured and unstructured data that can be fed into algorithms to uncover insights. Each year, IQVIA touches a hundred billion healthcare records. Its data platform is home to 56 petabytes of proprietary data from over one million data suppliers.