Physician Email Lists

physician email list

When choosing a physician email list, you need to make sure the list service has a comprehensive list of physicians. This will allow you to email doctors directly. There are several services that provide physician email lists. Here are a few to consider. Each list has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the most important is that you’ll be able to target doctors who are most likely to respond to your message.

Optin Contacts

Optin Contacts has an extensive physician email list. These professionals are concerned with keeping the health of their patients and dealing with any physical or mental diseases. It is necessary to choose a physician database that includes detailed information. This can help you create effective strategies that will yield the highest ROI.

With this physician email list, you can reach out to physicians from different departments and specialties. You will find that it helps you build strong relationships with your potential customers. The list is updated every three months. This means that you’ll have a complete and accurate list in no time. Additionally, it will help you send your marketing messages directly to physicians.

This database will help you market your products or services to physicians, recruit doctors, market CME programs, and organize events. It’s also highly accurate and full of qualified contacts. Its easy-to-use interface and ready-to-integrate software make marketing to doctors easy and affordable.


If you’re interested in connecting with key decision makers in the healthcare industry, an AverickMedia physician email list is a great place to start. These databases include full contact details and can be customized based on geography, job titles, industry verticals, and SIC codes. This ensures that you’re reaching the right buyers for your offers.

The AverickMedia physician email list contains over 80% of physician data in the US. It includes full names, email addresses, phone numbers, and websites. This information is ideal for email campaigns. AverickMedia is a B2B data provider that connects companies with highly targeted leads within the medical industry.

A physician email list can be very useful for building relationships with key healthcare decision makers and top physicians. With a verified list, you’ll ensure that your emails get delivered to their inboxes every time. Moreover, AverickMedia’s database is updated regularly, which means you’re getting the latest information on your targeted audience.


The TDInsights physician email list is a powerful marketing tool to reach doctors and other healthcare professionals. With over two hundred and fifty different physician types on the list, TDInsights offers a wide variety of ways to reach these physicians. The physicians’ email list was designed to give healthcare businesses an efficient avenue to reach these individuals.

The list includes verified email addresses, phone numbers, and address details. The database is updated once every 60 days to keep leads current. The TDInsights physician email list has a variety of features to ensure success. The healthcare industry is huge and offers many opportunities for companies to take advantage of.


The IQVIA physician email list is a comprehensive database of medical professionals. It contains the email addresses of physicians from over 242 specialties, as well as NPI numbers. It also includes information on medical organizations, healthcare systems, and payers. The IQVIA physician email list is a great way to increase your marketing and sales success by targeting this influential group of healthcare providers.

The DMD is a fully opted-in database of over 90 percent of physicians, with the ability to reach and respond to dynamic digital behavior. This database also includes real-time web activity data to help you pinpoint your most responsive audience. This means your messages will stand out in an inbox filled with other emails.

This database provides access to over 300,000 physicians in the US. These physicians are the decision makers for many healthcare products and devices. This is a highly select list and covers nearly all specialties.