Video Production Companies

Video production companies

Video production companies assist businesses in creating videos to convey their message and market products and services. They possess extensive expertise across different sectors, enabling you to craft captivating videos that reflect your brand’s voice and image.

When comparing video production companies, take a look at their portfolio and past work. This will give you an indication of their skillset and aesthetic.

DVI Group

The DVI Group is an award-winning video communications agency that has created award-winning campaigns for many global brands. Their solutions span across every area of their client’s business, from human resources and training to marketing and communication. Their philosophy states: “the future of communications starts with video.”

They offer a comprehensive selection of video production services, from commercials and infomercials to media grid and corporate media production. Their solutions also include animation, visual effects and postproduction work; additionally they specialize in digital media management, marketing campaigns, branded content creation and instructional design.

DVI was founded in 2000 and has an established presence in Atlanta’s Midtown West neighborhood. Matthew Smith, its founder and CEO, left his previous job to pursue his passion: helping marketers tell their stories through video content creation. He strives to provide businesses with innovative yet strategic approaches for marketing success.

The DVI Group boasts an in-house team of strategists, designers and animators that specialize in bringing a client’s vision to life through high-quality video. They are known for their capacity to deliver great products on schedule and within budget.

Their clients often seek creative video content that will grab viewers’ attention and engage them. To provide this, they listen closely and encourage their clients to think outside the box by creating media and video with fresh ideas in mind. This helps their clients maximize the return on their investment in videos. Moreover, they ensure strategic relevance of each video by paying close attention to details while capturing high-quality images.


Lemonlight is an online video production company that provides clients with high-quality, cost-effective videos on demand. Their services are tailored to each client’s individual marketing requirements and their team specializes in performance creative – making them the ideal solution for businesses looking to create captivating visual content at scale. Furthermore, their platform makes managing all their video production needs a breeze for clients; all content produced through Lemonlight can be managed centrally for added convenience.

Lemonlight’s team has earned a stellar reputation among their clients due to their efficiency and communicative skillset. They guarantee timely completion of services while satisfying all client demands, with friendly resources designed to make the experience smoother for everyone involved.

This company specializes in video production for companies within the advertising, hospitality and outdoor activities industries. Their services range from live-action and animated productions, with experience working with large businesses and marketing agencies alike. At an affordable price point they make themselves an attractive option for small businesses looking to create engaging videos that will increase their online visibility.

The company’s team consists of professionals with vast expertise in video production and editing. They possess a deep knowledge of their craft and are passionate about what they do. Furthermore, the staff has an accommodating work schedule to accommodate clients’ demands; additionally, they are available to answer queries promptly and resolve issues efficiently.

This media coordinator role is accountable for ensuring all Lemonlight’s video footage is curated, archived and ready for distribution to their post production team. This includes managing their pipeline, preserving footage in a secure and organized manner, as well as overseeing physical and virtual servers.


VeracityColab is a California-based company that assists product marketers in creating story-driven videos. Their team of talented creative storytellers can craft virtually any kind of video that engages your target audience while adhering to your brand guidelines.

The agency places great emphasis on storytelling, creating videos that motivate and educate. Furthermore, they produce video content which drives sales – helping brands achieve their sales targets.

They possess a team of specialists in story creation, scriptwriting, 2D and 3D animation, as well as other video production skillsets that can assist with all aspects of your video project. Their work process is meticulous, keeping you involved throughout so you know exactly what’s taking place.

Are you searching for a video production agency that is experienced, professional and affordable? VeracityColab is the perfect fit. They’ve been producing content for more than a decade, with consistently improving quality over that time.

This studio is renowned for its skill in crafting product demo videos that capture viewers’ attention. Additionally, they provide a range of pricing options to fit any budget.

When selecting a video production agency, it’s essential to look one that has both business experience and client reviews. Doing so will increase their credibility and guarantee its authenticity. For additional verification, search the agency on review websites like Google Review, Clutch or Trustpilot for customer feedback.

When selecting a video production company, ensure they possess sufficient business expertise and have worked with reputable brands. Doing this will boost the firm’s credibility and give you insight into their work.

Another element to take into account when choosing a video production company is the type of footage needed. This will enable you to determine if they provide what you require.

If you’re a product marketer, CRFT Video can assist in producing B2B Product Demos and Brand Videos that quickly grab your audience’s attention. Their innovative methods of video shooting and animation will appeal to your target market.

This San Francisco-based video production company is a leader in product demo videos. Their unique techniques for shooting and animating create truly original, high-quality content that stands out from its peers.

SPG Media

SPG Media, based in London and Mumbai, is a multimedia company that produces controlled circulation magazines, reference websites and business conferences. They also offer related services like digital marketing, social media management and content creation. SPG has established itself as an influential player within the video production space with clients from around the globe. Their customer-driven culture and commitment to quality have earned them accolades from both peers and clients alike for their creative outputs.

Their most recent victory was an IIFFT award for The Best Video Commercials. SPG Media boasts a talented team of industry professionals that can craft any video to fit your needs, budget and specifications. Plus they provide full-service video production solutions including concept development, directing and editing services – plus they have a full-time production manager to guarantee projects are delivered on schedule and within budget. Lastly, SPG Media offers free quotes for future projects to get the ball rolling.